AFT Wizz Wheel Trencher

AFT Wizz Wheel Trencher | Sportsfield drainage

AFT Wizz Wheel Trencher Hire
Day Rate: £400.00
Extra Day Rate: £250.00
Weekly Rate: £1000.00
Weekend Rate: £600.00
The AFT Wizz Wheel Trencher is used to dig trenches for land and sportsfield drainage. The trenches vary from narrow, shallow slits to trenches 550mm deep and 125mm wide in soil.

The soil so dug is moved sideways through a chute so that it does not fall back into the trench or alternatively raised by the conveyor and loaded onto a trailer.

It is not designed for digging roads, concrete, rock or any other hard material. It should not be used where there are boulders, which cannot be raised through the width of the trench or where the digging teeth bounce over obstructions in the trench without being able to excavate them. It should not be used where there are cables, pipes or other items under ground, which may be damaged.

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  • Digs trenches up to 550mm deep and 125mm wide
  • Hydraulically operated with laser grading capability depth control
  • Totally enclosed digging wheel for total soil collection
Depth Control Hydraulically operated with laser grading capability
Overall Length 270cm
Overall Height 215cm
Conveyor Discharge Height 180cm
Weight with conveyor 1,100kg
Minimum Trench Size 200mm deep x 50mm wide
Maximum Trench Size 550mm deep x 125mm wide
Digging Blades Reversible, double edged, hard faced and austempered for maximum efficiency and extended life. Optional carbide tipped blades available at extra cost.
Depth Control The digging wheel is raised and lowered a maximum of 350mm by a hydraulic ram and automatically locked in place at the set depth.
Digging Wheel Drivev Mechanical drive from the tractor by a standard power take-off hsaft incorporating an adjustable torque limiter for protection.
Soil Disposal Totally enclosed digging wheel for total soil collection and discharge by high lift hydraulically operated conveyor onto trailer or dumper.
Football pitches
Cricket pitches
Rugby pitches
Polo lawns
Most sports pitches
Commercial and amenities spaces

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