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Trackway at Boomtown Fair

As the rain keeps pouring down, the show must go on! We have been working flat out assembling temporary access at the massive Boomtown Fair event.

As the rain keeps pouring down, the show must go on! Grassform Group are working flat out assembling trackway for temporary access at the massive Boomtown Fair event which takes place soon. We are building thousands of square meters of temporary pad areas to go over the wet ground so that people can walk, drive and dance the night away with safety! The main image at the top of the page is the pad area in front of one of the main stages we have finished building.

With many challenges on this site such as steep slopes, cambers, uneven ground and even flooded areas, this site is a big challenge but one we are enjoying very much. Over 1500 of our Trackway panels have gone into this site already as we are also building main access roads around the huge site.

The Trackway will remain in place for almost a month so that the show can continue to happen safely without the rain spoiling things. Most importantly our Trackway will keep vehicles safe driving around the side, due to its incredible grip and traction it provides.

If you are planning an event and could be at risk of the rain slowing things down or even stopping your plans, please get in touch and I would be delighted to help plan a temporary access solution that meets your needs!


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