Lake Construction, Management and Development

Lake Construction may seem to be as simple as digging a hole in the ground but there is more skill and planning required than one would first think.

Our Approach

Careful preparation prior to a lake construction or lake development is required, as is the design to ensure that it meets the clients brief. Here at Grassform Plant Hire we specialise in and understand lake construction, and can offer our expertise to turn your idea into reality.

Any lake has to compliment the surrounding countryside so the placement of the water feature can be very important. With over 25 years experience Grassform Plant Hire can offer advice on how the position and look of the lake can be made as natural as possible yet meet the modern demands of a commercial enterprise.

We also offer landscaping, tree planting, footpaths, maintenance tracks, swim and decking construction and reinstatement services to further enhance the finished project.

Lake Design

Grassform Plant Hire offers a complete lake design and construction service to get a project underway. They can survey the site, in the process identifying the soil type and recommend the optimum shape and depth constraints. Soil type is particularly important as a good clay soil means that the lake in most instances can be sealed or ‘puddled’.

This process compacts the base and sides of the lake formation to form a water tight seal thus elimating the use of an expensive plastic liner. Identifying where a cost saving such as this can be made is a vital aspect of Grassform Plant Hire’s service in lake construction, with a typical liner costing in the region of £5 per square metre, this may add £25,000 to the cost of a lake covering 5,000 square metres.


Lake Uses

  • Lakes
  • Large Domestic Ponds (+500 metres square)
  • Amenity Lakes
  • Recreational Lakes
  • Fish Farms
  • Canals
  • Streams & Ditches
  • Feature Lakes
  • Leisure Complex


What to do Next

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