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An acceptable playing surface is a key aspect of any pitch and most soils will struggle to naturally allow water away from the surface, especially in the winter months.

Primary land drainage is adequate if the soil type allows, but most soils are not free draining enough. Also, compaction on pitches can prevent water from dispersing away from the surface, causing further problems in the spring and also in subsequent years. A loss of play or income can have dramatic effects on clubs.

Grassform can offer advice on the most appropriate drainage system, offering a design and construction service. Options available to you include:

Primary land drainage systems
Depending on soil type, a primary pipe network carries water to a main outlet and away from the pitch.

Secondary land drainage systems
Once your primary drainage system is in place, secondary systems aid in removing water from the surface and down to the primary system.

  • Gravel banding and injection
  • Sand Banding
  • Verti Draining
  • Decompaction of soils

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A good land drainage system, when correctly installed, will last as long as it is maintained with a regimented maintenance schedule. It will remain cost effective and efficient for many years if this occurs.

We can do all the groundworks for you or if you are doing the work yourselves why not hire some of our specialist Construction Machinery with or without a driver.

Land Drainage

Building a pitch is almost pointless without a land drainage system. Grassform’s expertise in trenching, pipe installation, back filling and subsequent further secondary and remedial drainage systems ensures that your new pitch will be playable at all times of the year. From initial stages, we consult with land drainage engineers or land drainage consultants to provide a solution to your particular needs.


  • Excavation for Sand Slitting
  • Installation of Pipes Utilising Laser Controlled Techniques
  • Installation of Sand and Gravel Slits
  • Sand/Gravel Backfilling Operations

Our Approach

Grassform utilises the most advanced land drainage equipment and technology available to ensure that all systems installed work as the system was designed, allowing utilisation of the facility in all conditions and at all times of the year, preventing water logging. Our experience in land-drainage and sportsturf drainage ensures that a site specific system is designed to suit your budget as well as your needs, whether it be a simple pipe based system, or a complicated high performance pipe and sand slit matrix.

All machines used by Grassform are specifically built for sportsturf use, running on tracks or low ground pressure tyres to reduce compaction, rutting and surface damage. Our trenchers operate using laser depth control to ensure a graded pipe matrix is installed, as per the design. We are able to trench up to 1.4 metres deep, and from 25mm to 300mm wide. Elevators convey soil away to a trailer, so no contamination is left on the pitch.

Backfilling of drainage channels, another key aspect of a system, is generally completed with a specialist machine. Using graded aggregate, and then topped with a graded sand or sand/soil mix, the pitch is generally ready to be used immediately.


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