Synthetic Surfaces

The demands on natural turf for match fixtures and training can sometimes cause costly repairs, postponed fixtures and disappointed spectators. For some clients the only sensible option has to be synthetic turf.

Our Approach

Accurate Laser Levelling is used throughout the construction phases to ensure final aggregate layer is true to grade and ready to receive the playing surface, which can be engineered to meet particular performance requirements and budget.

Grassform use an innovative surface that optimises performance and safety for all levels and ages. The surface uses patented, state of the art technologies to reduce impact, injuries and fatigue and to increase a player’s energy restitution. We achieve this without the use of any sand or rubber in-fill and as such is in a class of its own.

For more information on our synthetic turf services and what we have to offer you can call us on 01277 353686.


  • Allows players to demonstrate their agility, power and speed. Great to run and play on, game after game.
  • Reduces fatigue without compromising players’ safety. Uniform, consistent, non-compacting all weather playing surface.
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors throughout a wide operating temperature.


  • Safe to play and fall on; excellent under repeated impact, resulting in reduced stress on players’ joints and increased stability.
  • Reduced stress results in fewer injuries, benefiting the entire team.
  • Bio-mechanically engineered for athletes of all ages and capabilities.


  • It is a non filled modular system. The playing surface comprises a mixture of fibres with low slide resistance mounted upon an Expanded Polypropylene energy management under-pad.
  • No rubber or sand means the surface does not harden in the winter or soften in the summer.
  • The surface is manufactured in panels and joined using an aggressive industrial fastening system.


  • Rapidly installed, a pitch of 7,500 square metres can be laid in 5 days.
  • Simple to install on an existing prepared dynamic or engineered surface. Can even be used as a temporary surface for seasonal sports.
  • Easy to move or replace worn panels in areas of high activity.
  • No specialist engineering equipment is needed for surface installation.


  • Requires less maintenance than sand and rubber in-fill surfaces.
  • There is no in-fill, so surrounding areas remain uncontaminated and drainage remains clear.
  • There is no need to periodically rejuvenate the surface; to clean just jet wash.
  • Adding these up equates to lower pounds per hour of play.


  • The surface is green in more ways than just looks.
  • Use in lower specification applications or simply recycle at the end of its life.
  • With no in-fill there is no need to remove the tonnes of contaminated sand and rubber resulting in it having significantly lower end of life costs.


What to do Next

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