Golf Course Construction

Grassform offers a full service for the creation of golf courses, including golf course design, lake and water feature construction and turf care.

Golf Fairway Construction

Constructing a new golf course or renovating an existing one requires specialist skills, expertise and experience. This is an area in which Grassform excels in. Our team of specialists will ensure that the work is carried out on time, within budget and completed to the highest standard.

We offer a complete range of services which are specifically designed to cater to all your golf course needs.

Remedial Services

As well as full golf course construction and golf fairway construction, Grassform can also offer remedial services such as decompaction, drainage or over seeding plus construction of lakes and reservoirs.

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Golf Green Solutions

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Golf Course

Do you need help with the planning and construction of lakes, bunkers and tree planting? Are you trying to create an optimal driving range and wish to employ the optimum construction methods? At Grassform we are proud to specialise in many services which will enhance your finished product.

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Lake Construction

There is more to lake construction than simply digging a hole! Careful consideration and development are needed when constructing a lake for a driving range. Items to be considered include soil tests which will identify the soil type and also site surveys to help achieve the optimum shape and depth. At Grassform we can offer you comprehensive lake design services to ensure the construction meets your specific objectives. We are adept to change and will advise you with the best possible solutions to suit your brief and budget. For example, if the soil type is clay based, the lake can be sealed or ‘puddled’. This process will create a watertight seal and consequently eliminates the use of a plastic liner which can drive up costs.
Golf Course Lake Construction
Golf Ground Solutions

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Bunker Construction

Golf bunkers are an essential feature of any fairway. As with most sporting platforms, their construction must meet player’s expectations and adhere to certain familiar characteristics. The terrain must be surveyed accurately prior to a bunker construction as it is important for the user that they provide varied obstacles and challenges. Our team of specialists have the experience to ensure that all bunkers on the site meet your specific golf course requirements.

Our Experience

Grassform enabled the members to continue playing the course throughout the build phase without disruption, and after only three months we had a buggy path that is both visually and environmentally sympathetic to the course, which can now be used 365 days a year.

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Coombe Hill Golf Club

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