Lawn Aeration Systems

What is Aeration?

The key to understanding how to deal with a problematic pitch comes first in understanding the way a pitch and its drainage and structure works. Grassform understands what it takes to grow healthy grass and how to help it grow effectively. One main aspect of this is air in the soil, or lack of it in cases of poor growth and structure. Our range of aeration and drainage machinery can help to alleviate growth issues by allowing air into the root system. The term aeration is much overused in the grounds care industry, and the practice of aerating a pitch is not for the amateur as more damage can be done than good if carried out at the wrong time or in the wrong conditions. We know which machine suits which situation and understand that one machine does not fix all problems. Lawn aeration is not merely making a hole in the soil and assuming that this will aerate effectively.

Aerating your lawn, verti-draining the effective way

Aeration - Verti-Draining

Aeration can be carried out using a variety of methods. The “verti-drain” machine that we use uses tines to penetrate the soil which are either solid or hollow, depending on the soil conditions, time of year and desired effect. A massively influential machine in the pitch care industry, the “verti-drain” is designed to de-compact soil on sports pitches once or twice per year only. Equally spaced holes of 25mm diameter and up to 300mm deep provide a surface pan shatter, allowing water and air to disperse to the grass roots a lot easier. But what if this isn’t the right tool? Grassform can offer linear aeration, which creates slits instead of holes, to create cracks and fissures as with the “verti-drain” but heaves the soil surface too. This heave breaks the surface pan that can exist in well used areas such as goal mouths. We use an IMANTS Shockwave machine that can be used in combination with the “verti-drain” in either hollow or solid tine version to give a full array of aeration options. Aeration is a science that needs to be carefully planned and implemented to give the best results in terms of growth and playability – contact Grassform, the aeration experts, for a competitive quote to save your pitch.

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Lawn Aeration tips

So when should you contact us about aeration? The answer is now. As well as advising on the condition of your pitch, we can create a plan of action for regular maintenance on it. Combining aeration techniques such as “verti-draining” or using the IMANTS shockwave machine with other aspects such as pipe drainage, sand slits, sand spreading and fertiliser application will ensure that your pitch is up to the best standard it can be. Ideally used at the end of the season, both types of aeration have their place, but please contact us to ensure that you get the right advice on when they should be used to their best effect. We operate 2.5 metre wide Charterhouse Verti Drain machines and 2 metre Shockwave machines, the best equipment on the market. Place your aeration needs in our hands and we will ensure that your pitch is up to your high standards all year round, especially during the wet winter months.


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