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Heavy duty vehicles up to 35 tonne axles loads based upon ground preparation.

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Geogrid is a high quality heavy duty ground reinforcement tile and cellular paving system and is made of recycled polyethylene to increase robustness and strength.

Geogrid systems are ideal for reinforcement of many areas including driveways, car parks, roadways, golf courses, paths, paddocks and gateways. Geogrids are tough, flexible and built to withstand up to a 35 tonne axle load. With low installation costs, Geogrids can be filled with grass or gravel to improve appearance on site and to withstand harsh conditions. They are constructed from 100% recycled polyethylene that is UV, weather and frost resistant. If you need sustainable grass reinforcement then the Geogrid system is the way forward. Each grid is 495mm x 495mm with a 40mm depth and therefore 4 grid tiles cover 1m2. From just £13.44 per square metre, these ground reinforcement grids are a cost effective way of stabilising a surface. Each grid locks to its neighbours, giving a solid, level surface for vehicles and pedestrians. Grassform Plant Hire also offers a full Geogrid installation service if required with our dedicated and professional installation team. Please contact us if you require our Geogrid installation or any further information on Geogrid systems and other services we provide.


The weight load distribution performance of Geogrids is subject solely to ground conditions, weight and type of vehicle or plant. Grassform Plant Hire Ltd always recommends that a site survey be carried out to determine weight loading and ground conditions before using Geogrids. Grassform Plant Hire Ltd, its agents or employees are not liable for any damage to existing ground or property through the use of Geogrids. Geogrids should not be confused with effective, but imported, products like Bodpave, Netlon, Netpave, Ecogrid, Gridforce, Grasstrax, GTTrax, SCS Integra, Driveway Grids, Hoofmark, Golpa, Perfo, Terragrid, Ritter, GroundGuard, Nidagravel, GrassProtecta, Farmura Matrix or ADPave.


  • Up to 35 tonne axle load
  • High Strength (up to 350 tonnes/metre squared)
  • Geogrids are quick and easy to install reducing on site costs
  • Low transport and handling costs
  • Geogrids are sustainable and environmentally friendly
  • Aesthetic - grass or decorative gravel infill
  • Semi or permanent ground reinforcement
  • Geogrids are high strength durability yet lightweight
  • Minimal maintenance Non-slip and crack proof
  • Geogrids are weatherproof, frost and UV resistant
  • Geogrids can be cut to size
  • Geogrids are dimensionally stable
  • Non expanding
  • Surface reinforcement with natural drainage
  • Geogrids prevents gravel migration & soil erosion
  • Geogrids provide water dispersion and are SUDS compliant
Grid Area 495mm x 495mm x 40mm
Wall Thickness 4mm
Wall Depth 40mm
Weight 5.4kg/m2
Number of tiles per m2 4
Load Capacity up to 350 tonnes/m2
Axle Weight Up to 30 tonnes
M2 per pallet 50m2
Gross Weight per pallet 270kg
Material Low density polyethylene 100% recycled
Estimated Installation Time 100m2 per person per hour (depending upon ground preparation)
Base Specifications Minimum base recommended: 250mm for Car Parking and 450mm for heavier vehicles
Construction sites
Cycle Routes
Embankment Stabilisation
Emergency Access Routes
Event Parking
Golf courses and Buggy Paths
Green car parking areas
Green roof and rooftop gardens
Helicopter Landing Pads
Infiltration Basins
Livestock facilities
Outdoor Events
Pathways and drives
Pedestrian Access Ways
Private Airfields
Private lanes and access roads including emergency access
Residential Driveways
River and road embankments
Road Extensions and Widening


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30 layers of 4 tiles = 30m2
120 pieces per pallet
Tiles are pre-connected in a one m2 sheet
Loaded pallet weight 192kg (approx)

The following instructions are intended as a guide only, in general, the same preparation procedures used for traditional paving solutions as used in the construction of footpaths, driveways and access routes should be adopted. These guidelines assume that a sub-base is to be used beneath the paving system.

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