General Maintenance Services

Grassform’s comprehensive range of services encompass not just major construction and drainage operations, but also general maintenance and services such as top dressing, Koro surface removal, stone burying and overseeding.


Our team of specialists can identify when and where one of our services would be of benefit to your pitch or surface, ensuring you only incur costs when it is important. Integrating Grassform’s professional approach and machinery fleet into your maintenance schedule will reap benefits in terms of pitch performance and reduced capital outlay, allowing funds to be spent elsewhere.


Working with a group of dedicated specialists, Grassform is able to offer the best advice on how to get the best out of your facility’s grass and soil. Working with an agronomist or soil scientist, Grassform can assist with technical information and advice on maintenance procedures to ensure that a quality surface is available for the whole year.

Koro and Fraise Mowing

A revolution in pitch renovation is the Koro Field Top Maker. Grassform’s machine removes the surface of a pitch to enable new growth to develop. It helps to remove meadow grass (poa-annua), allowing mature grass to regenerate plus removes thatch and weeds too. Another benefit is that it will level off saddles or bumps in the surface, resulting in the pitch becoming more level. The Koro machine, however, can be set to leave just the root structure in place so assisting in further re-seeding.

Over seeding

Over seeding can be carried out to improve the grass coverage in particular high use areas such as tees or goalmouths. Over seeding is generally carried out using a specialist machine, placing seed just below the surface to gain access to moisture and to promote rapid growth. Grassform can overseed your pitch or surface with a variety of different species, ensuring that a new growth comes through to replace a worn sward.

Weed Control

For an aesthetically pleasing pitch, weed control plays a vital part. Grassform offers services to recommend supply and apply weed control chemicals using our fully trained staff. A specialist service ensures that the correct application rate, timing and type of the chemical is applied for the good of the pitch, and to comply with COSHH and Health and Safety legislation, for the sake of the law. It is the responsibility of the pitch owner to ensure that any contractor or person applying chemicals is licensed to do so. Legislation also requires records of applications, including which chemical and by which operator. Grassform’s team are qualified to provide a full maintenance and upkeep programme, including spray application.

Grass cutting, grass seeding and mowing

Most sports and recreational areas are large, so therefore they require large mowers to cover the area efficiently. Mowing is a task that encourages a healthier and more vigorous grass sward and should be carried out as part of a regular maintenance regime, not merely a task for when the grass is long. Grassform offer a comprehensive mowing service, using a variety of mowers for different types of terrain and grass.

Grassform can also seed grass areas using specialist grass drills to ensure correct placement of seed, as well as overseed worn areas. Drills place seed down to the correct depth to ensure germination occurs. Grassform can also prepare land for drilling and also maintain after seeding with tasks such as rolling, mowing etc.

Laser levelling

A laser levelled surface will play better, drain better and be more pleasant to the eye. Scarifying, de-thatching and verti mowing

Large areas of grass such as sports fields that do not receive a regular maintenance programme can be affected by thatch. Thatch is dead or partially decayed organic matter and can be a major problem in grass growth by reducing oxygen, water and fertiliser movement to the root system. Grassform have the specialist thatch removal machines to aid promoting growth.


One method is to scarify an area (also known as scarification), which basically involves heavy raking to remove thatch. This process should be carried out before re- seeding of areas such as goalmouths or fairways that become worn as it aids in grass growth by allowing air down to the roots. A regular programme involving a scarify type tool is essential for promoting growth on pitches. Grassform can laser level a surface to ensure that it is dead level, particularly important for areas such as bowls greens where any bump will be seen after seeding. This is also important for a new build pitch, where drainage is to be installed.

Stone Burying / Stone Removal

Grassform can offer varying ways of dealing with stones and debris in your soil. For excellent seedbed establishment, stones and large clods either need to be removed or buried to a depth that will not affect the desired surface finish. There are three options that are on offer: stone burying, stone clearance or use of a stone rake.

Stone buriers

Grassform has different stone-buriers of various sizes to suit the application in hand. A stone burier acts as a cultivator, buries stone down to a depth of around 50 to 100mm and also prepares a useable seedbed. We also operate a Land Clearer, which is ideal for removing stone and debris from the top 150mm of a soil to leave a clean working area, particularly useful for very fine turf surfaces.

Stone clearance

Stone Clearance involves actually removing the stone from a site, essential for a perfectly level and maintenance friendly playing surface. This process is more intense than a stone burier and is suited to fine turf areas. We utilise our Land Clearer machine for this task.

Stone raking and stone picking

Using a stone raking tool, surface stones are windrowed and then collected by a stone picking machine. If surface stones are just the problem then this option may be the best for you, and is more suited to area that does not require stone burial and would benefit from stone removal.

General Land Works

Once the pitch and its drainage system have been installed, aesthetical finishes may be required to finish off the project, such as:

Water Engineering Ponds and lakes are not only aesthetically pleasing but are also useful for providing solutions to wetland or flood prone areas. They also provide areas for land drainage outlets if natural watercourses are not on site and enable water harvesting for irrigation use. Reservoirs, also for irrigation purposes, can also be built as required.

Buggy paths, car parks and footpaths Once your pitch is built, you may require new paths, car parks or footpaths. Grassform has designed and constructed both permanent and temporary types in various settings, including environmentally sensitive areas. On golf courses, new buggy paths or footpaths allow golfers easier and clearer access to each hole. We can design and construct these to blend them into the natural environment.

Landscaping Landscape design and construction is another service that Grassform can offer, either with the construction of a pitch or facility, or at a later date. Complementary landscape design not only provides natural integration with the environment but gives a complete feel to a project. Working with a landscape architect or consultant, our team of specialists can fulfil your needs to a set budget or timescale, always working to planning legislation. Utilising both natural and synthetic materials, and sympathetically blending ground contours, Grassform’s team can construct a natural landscape and integrate roads, paths and car parks too. When required, our close relationships with environmental specialists and agronomists to ensure that the development has as little unnatural impact as possible on the surrounding area.

Aeration and Vertidraining

Grassform understand what makes grass healthy and what makes it grow. A key aspect is to aerate the soil and our range of machines can provide solutions to your needs, assisting with soil compaction issues more >>

Top Dressing

Sand plays a major part in any sportsfield, whether on the surface or in a drainage use. Sand is spread to assist in the breaking down of thatch, to help rebuild the shape of a pitch to a true level or to aid in drainage. Alternatively, sand can be injected or placed into the soil rather than being spread.


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